Mind your own business plant for sale

It has not invaded my grass because the sun is too hot. I never realized how very picky this plant can be - take heed where it says this plant should NEVER be left to dry out! By the way, I suspect that this was planted at one time adjacent to the lawn, but wasn't adequately watered there, but thrived in the watered lawn.

Ammonium Sulfate didn't seem to do much eithe I;ve never see any larvae on it, though. So it spreads everywhere and I am convinced that it has smothered some of my favourite prennnials. I bought it in Seattle, having no idea what it was or how to take care of it.

It also builds up around the bases of the plants so you have to pull it off if they are susceptible to moisture around the root zone. The tiny leaves dies back after the first severe frost nights in autumn, but grows back in spring. The last couple of years they have been dying out.

Ranks right up there with Oenothera, Pampas grass, Scotch broom and other plants that LOOK niche at first, but then the spread, and spread. Any ideas on where I can find this?

As others have noted, nothing kills it. The 20 pound bag I purchased from OSH only give instructions for spreading the ammonia sulfate on lawns and shrubs.

Gardening Q&A: Taking care of mind your own business

I note the positive comments on the site generally come from extreme climatic areas such as Seattle or Nevada or where it has been seen or grown indo Ranks right up there with Oenothera, Pampas grass, Scotch broom and other plants that LOOK niche at first, but then the spread, and spread.

I moved onto property in Monterey, California three years ago and discovered that my lawn was invaded by very healthy looking Baby Tears. Without fail, it would die on me within a week or two. That is the spot where the peat moss helped some. I shopped the local nurseries and websites for a solution, and nothing suggested worked, including Ortho WeedBGone broadleaf killer Mecoprop, et al.

Baby's Tears, Angel's Tears, Mind-your-own-business

I seriously thought that this pernicious little invader was some form of Speedwell. I would not reccommend this plant. I live in an apartment and this plant is so beautiful indoors. It takes over your grass as well as your garden.Buy Soleirolia soleirolii, mind-your-own-business, mother of thousands, online plants for sale, at Urban Jungle plant nursery via mail order.

Jun 26,  · Mind Your Own Business is part of the nettle family and is known more scientifically as Soleirolia soleirolii and it's a vigorous creeping plant. It is ideal when planted as ground or wall cover and is covered with tiny green, silver or golden leaves, depending on the variety chosen%(8).

The plant with so many common names - Paddy's Wig, Corsican Creeper, Friendship Plant, Bread and Cheese, Baby's Tears, Paddy's Tears, The Pollyanna Vine - the list is endless.

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Baby's Tears, Angel's Tears, Mind-your-own-business

How To How To Plant Out Ornamentals. In that time, the mind your own business should die, and you will have hung on to your topsoil, which you can then return to the garden. But you might also try to reach a state of acceptance. Jul 06,  · My father used to delight in people asking him what the plant was so that he could reply Mind our Own Business:) so I am told!

I notice that it is for sale on Ebay, why poor boiling water on it when it could make some money. Before being given some to edge my small pond, I asked for it at all my Mind your own business!.

41 rows · Hi, I live in the UK (in the suburbs of Greater London) & am really grateful .

Mind your own business plant for sale
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