An examination of gender issues on sri lanka

The Sri Lankan government should protect the rights of transgender people and others who face similar discrimination. Transgender people are particularly vulnerable to abuse when they begin to adopt a gender expression that aligns with their preferred gender—a time when they are likely to behave and appear in ways that do not conform to social expectations based on their assigned sex.

Sri Lanka: Challenging ‘Gender Norms’ Brings Abuse

But no laws ensure that their rights are protected, and police have used several criminal offenses and regulations to target LGBTI people, particularly transgender women and men who have sex with men MSM involved in sex work. The taskforce heard from over 2, individuals, and received several hundred other submissions.

Violence against women: Sri Lanka’s next human rights challenge

Maneesha, a year-old lesbian in Colombo, said: Janitha, who is intersex, has been trying to change her sex assigned male at birth on her national identity card. Transgender people in Sri Lanka are rarely able to obtain a national identity card and other official documents that reflect their preferred name and gender, exposing them to constant and humiliating scrutiny about their gender identity—including from police at checkpoints, staff at public hospitals, employers, airport staff, and bank tellers.

To the Department of Registration of Persons, Department of Immigration and Emigration Collaborate with the Ministry of Health and other government agencies to introduce and implement a gender recognition procedure to allow people to change their legal gender on their national identity card and passport through a process of self-declaration that is free of medical procedures or coercion.

Survey highlighted this culture of silence throughout the Asia and Pacific region. Constitutional Reforms A government-appointed independent task force on constitutional reform, constituted in Decemberconducted nationwide public consultations that ended in May The following Sinhala words and phrases appear in this report: When she scolded the boys and they did not stop, Luwina complained to a police officer securing the show: However, a majority of women who participate in the labour force do so in the informal sector.

Key Recommendations To the Parliament of Sri Lanka Pass comprehensive anti-discrimination legislation that prohibits discrimination, including on grounds of gender identity and sexual orientation, and includes effective measures to identify, prevent, and respond to such discrimination.

The direct estimated cost of the conflict include defense expenditure of GDP, which has grown from 3.

Prevention of Terrorism Act and Politically Motivated Torture The government attempted a redraft of the Prevention of Terrorism Act but was forced to withdraw it when it failed to meet international standards.

“All Five Fingers Are Not the Same”

To the Police Take all appropriate measures to ensure that all police officers respect the rights to non-discrimination, equality, and privacy, and do not discriminate in the exercise of their functions, including on grounds of gender expression and identity and sexual orientation.

A diverse group of participants at a workshop at St. The Sri Lankan government should protect the rights of transgender people and others who face similar discrimination.

The newly appointed Constitutional Council moved rapidly through the year to appoint members to the National Human Rights Commission and the Police Commission, and is expected to continue to work towards restoring the independence of other public service commissions.

The survival strategies of Sinhala female-heads in conflict-affected eastern Sri Lanka

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex. In June, the government announced that it appointed a committee to study strategies to reduce the number of domestic workers abroad.

Fernando is one of 65 trainers rolling out an informal educational curriculum in Sri Lanka to help young girls and women start the conversation about gender-based violence and build the confidence and skills to take action.

As a result, those crimes—including hate crimes committed based on the perceived gender identity or sexual orientation of the victim—may go unreported and unaddressed. In spite of the standard form of the letter, public authorities sometimes accept it, sometimes not, he told Human Rights Watch.

While some positive measures to address gender-based violence through enactment of laws are in place, it remains hidden in the private domain, shrouded by a veil of silence and denial.

They refused to save us. While beating him on one occasion in Decemberpolice called him ponnaya and told him not to come to Pettah, a neighborhood in Colombo. The community also reported abuse and harassment at the hands of medical authorities, leading many transgender people to self-medicate rather than seeking professional assistance.

Multiple rights organizations have noted that violence against women worsened as a result of the civil war, which ended in May Specifically, he acknowledged that police have arrested people for loitering in a public place and carrying condoms.

She said that when she approached police over a land dispute in Septemberan officer insulted her based on her gender non-conformity. Therefore, the need to pay close scrutiny to emerging social problems in these regions is demonstrably clear, especially with conflicts having a direct and indirect impact on communities.

She was elected following the assassination of her husband. Female-heads entrance, participation and dependence on the labour market is critically linked to the support they receive from kin and community structures.Gender inequality in Sri Lanka is centered on the inequalities that arise between men and women in Sri Lanka.

Specifically, these inequalities affect many aspect of women's lives, starting with sex-selective abortions and male preferences, education and schooling, which goes on to effect job opportunities, property rights, access to health and political participation.

Although Sri Lanka is not unique in its experience of gender-based violence, which plagues women around the world, a lack of data makes it difficult for activists to determine where the rates of violence are most prevalent and what resources are needed to foster change.

Transgender people and others who don’t conform to social expectations about gender face discrimination and abuse in Sri Lanka, including arbitrary detention, mistreatment, and discrimination accessing employment, housing, and health care.

The main purpose of the study was to collect gender disaggregated data for assessing progress towards the achievement of the MDGs and to inform policy recommendations promoting gender equality in all dimensions of human development. The MDGs cannot be achieved in Sri Lanka if gender equity and equality issues are not properly addressed.

Still, despite strong health and education results, Sri Lanka struggles to provide gender equality in employment and political representation. Referring to the MDG country report produced by the government, Nandy says, Sri Lanka, overall, is in a strong position.

I. Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation in Sri Lanka. There is no one experience of being lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or intersex in Sri Lanka.

An examination of gender issues on sri lanka
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